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Our Philosophy

Natural & Organic, mild in nature, suitable for all ages


Travel/Daily Use

Frequent travelers feel more convenient and relaxed, suitable for daily use in all seasons


Outdoor Activities

It is convenient for people who love sports and care about skin and hair to carry outdoors



Swimmers and mothers can easily carry and pack sports or swimming gear for their children

For swimmers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts

One & All spent 2 years developing a one-stop shampoo, cleansing and bathing products, choosing the best quality organic natural ingredients, suitable for all ages and skin types, and its main ingredients can also help relax nerves, help relieve dryness, and sensitive skin.
All products are dermatologically tested, mild and non-irritating to sensitive skin, and our formulas are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Message from One & ALL HK CEO

My daughter has been fond of swimming since she was a child. I spend time for preparing all kinds of swimming and cleaning supplies for her everyday. It was so heavy! In addition to carrying a big and heavy bag on the return, I also brought home the smell of the swimming pool, which made me realise that my daughter’s skin and hair were damaged. I searched for products in the market hoping to solve this problem, but every time I was disappointed with the products I used the first time, until One & all brand is launch which cleanses thoroughly from head to toe in one go, and removes harmful substances that affect the skin, sunscreen, chlorine, swimming pool odour, etc., to keep the skin healthy and moisturised.  A pleasant surprise is that I go out easily and come home with a natural scent!

We are also concerned about the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, and have developed sunscreen products with organic and natural ingredients in different ways to meet the needs of different people, so that the skin can be better protected. We pay attention to environmental protection, all One & All series products do not harm the environment and are friendly to the ocean.

Sherva Chung
One & All HK CEO